"Serie 8X, 8 miradas" - My first collective exhibition is up and running

I'm happy to share with you that my first collective exhibition is up and running. I didn't expect this. Not even in my wildest dreams I thought of this only a year ago.

Here is some information about it.

"Serie 8 X, 8 miradas" ("8 X Series, 8 looks") is organized by Photomuseum, a Photography and Cinema Museum in Zarautz (North Spain). This museum displays the story of photography through the evolution of its technological advancements (a collection of photographic and optical instruments and devices). It also exhibits old daguerreotypes and a collection of photography from different periods.

Eight Spanish photographers are featured. They all are members of the Fujifilm X Series forum Fujistas:
Each one of us contributes to the exhibition with a series of 5 pics. Prints are 20x30 cm.

My series is titled "London passenger" (B&W and color, Hahnemüehle Fine Art Baryta Paper, 20x30 cm.).

Close is not together
Close is not together

I don't believe in shooting for yourself. I believe in photography to be printed and displayed, to be shared not only with people into it but with a wider audience. That's hard to achieve for somebody like me who is not a profesional photographer and has not a full time artistic dedication.
The feeling of the working on it, preparing the prints, sending them... that's a thrilling experience. To know they're hanging on a wall instead of being displayed on a electronic device is most rewarding.

Special thanks to Julián Redondo and Jon Díaz. Their will, work and dedication have made this possible.

Unfortunately every single piece of promotion material I can share with you is written in Spanish. 

Dates: 15/04/2015 - 11/05/2014

Notes to the exhibition:
"The interest in recovering old photographic processes or adapt existing technical products to achieve similar results has led to the dedication of fans to experience these techniques. Fujifilm X Series cameras recover classical forms and manual controls of a lifetime. Its design is reminiscent of past machines, but the traditional film in its guts is replaced by an "X-Trans" generation sensor."

Gallery of pics
In this Facebook Album you can find some pictures from the exhibition in the museum.

Gipuzkoakomuseoak. A complete dossier with bio info of contributing photographers.
Noticias de Gipuzkoa (translated using Google Translate)
Diario Vasco (translated using Google Translate)

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