X-E2 in the pinewoods | Catch me if you can

XF18-55mm ISO 200 18mm f/2.8 1/320s

The waiting

Not the best time to have a new camera in my hands to give it a try and see how it feels.
Got a cold that has kept me home for some time. Excuses... a top photographer can make wonders shooting in his living room. Must confess I'm not a Patrick La Roque like photographer. (Damn! How does he manage to do that at home?).

XF18-55mm ISO 200 55mm f/5.6 1/100s

X-E2 in the pinewoods

Yesterday I began to feel better and took the X-E2 for a ride with two lenses: XF18-55mm and XF55-200mm.
I love primes, but X-E2 came with the XF18-55mm and I wanted to give it a try with the other tele lens.

Easy. A five minutes walk and I am in what's left of the pinewoods that used to be in this neighborhood of Madrid.
Winter light in the afternoon. Great quality, long shadows.

You know that feeling when light is so amazing you feel almost dizzy and drunk? Does it ever happened to you?
That thing

XF18-55mm ISO 200 18mm f/5.6 1/100s

X-E2 is an amazing piece of gear. You can feel it right away. Smaller than the X-Pro1 I'm used to, but comfy to handle.

On ergonomic, my hands are big and camera fits perfectly in them. I can even use it one handed. My thumb easily reaches each button on the right side. May be the AE-L button is harder to press without taking camera out of eye than the rest (it's kind of depressed).
I really miss the button to handle the EVF/LCD configuration. Looking for it is not the same, and believe me, I use it a lot. You can feel how EVF has improved from X-Pro1 to X-E2 (never felt it sluggish but now is quick and exposure preview looks much better).

The DR behavior is stunning, I'd say superior to his ancestor the X-Pro1. In the bench image I can see it. Detail is still available in the really dark zones. The comms tower image bellow looks almost HDR (it is not at all).

Focus speed is noticeable fast with both tele lenses. Still have to test it with the prime lenses (specially with the demon of the focus called XF60mm).
I'm impressed with the shutter lag, there's no such thing with this new camera. This is great for people who (like I do) shoot in the streets and for whom burst mode is not an option. No more missed shots because of that.

The ability to fix the minimum shutter speed in AUTO ISO mode is a most welcome feature.

There are so many (not so) little things... So much to say...

Yes, she is so quick that seems to say to me "catch me if you can".

But hush! Pinewood speaks.

XF18-55mm ISO 800 18mm f/5.6 1/100s

XF18-55mm ISO 640 55mm f/4 1/100s

XF18-55mm ISO 200 50.5mm f/4 1/100s

XF55-200mm ISO 200 86mm f/7.1 1/105s

Do I have to write a disclaimer or something?

The X-E2 has been kindly sent to me by Fujifilm España. They've asked me nothing but returning in good condition camera body and lens and enjoying.
Files processed in LR4 from the original JPG's. Can't process RAW files from the new sensor yet.

I will miss this baby when I sent her back.

2 comentarios:

  1. Have you tried the fujinon 35mm f/1.4 yet? Can you compare it to the 18-55?

    1. Hard to tell. I don't think they compare. Very different purpose.
      If I had to pick only an X-System lens it would be probably the XF35mm (haven't used the XF23mm yet).
      The versatility of the focal range provided by the XF18-55mm makes this a great lens for documentary work (for example). Not as luminous as XF35mm but that's not really important considering how good the X-System bodies perform at high ISO (specially X-E2). Add the image stabilization of the XF18-55 to the equation and you have a top zoom lens (far from the kit lens usually provided in other systems).
      I do not own an XF18-55mm lens. Have used it for a month. Do I miss it? Not really. Do I find it useful in documentary work? Yes indeed.
      Would I renounce to my XF35mm? Absolutely not.

      I'm afraid this answer may leave part of your question unanswered, but this is what I have now.

      Thanks for visiting and asking, Nicolai.