Interview in "Mundo 2.0" Radio Show on Origami Collective and Photography

Yesterday I was invited to be interviewed at Mundo 2.0 in the radio show "Hoy por Hoy Madrid Norte" from SER Madrid Norte station. We talked about photography, Origami Collective and how do I face the challenge of telling stories from behind a camera.

It was a nice chat time. I'll try to make a brief summary on some of the questions in the interview after presenting what's Origami Collective.

[Q] How do you face the challenge of telling stories?  [A] For me it's about having my eyes wide open. Now we live stuck on screens and keyboards (myself included) and we easily miss much of what happens around us.
It's a matter of attitude as well. Attitude when facing a documentary work, I believe it should be that of adding nothing, of telling the story as it unfolds before you, as it can be seen, of letting things happen and being and invisible witness, even when shooting portraits.
[Q] When behind the camera, do you think of the impact it'll have in Flickr and other social media?  [A] Not really. Yes I do think of sharing but not on shooting to make an "impact". I believe a pic is not complete till an spectator sees it, explores it, expends a time before it and fills the gaps in the stories that sometimes are not fully told.
Thinking of the impact in social media searching for faves is shooting just to be liked. The temptation is there while shooting, editing and making your choices of what's to be shared. But if you don't get over it, then you're doomed. You got to be true to yourself. Otherwise, it's over.
[Q] Think of people who are into arts or photography, what's your advice for them when facing new challenges?  [A] If you've got a project:
Let it be one you're in love with, one you're passionate for.
Work hard.
Learn and study on a daily basis. Do settle for what you know (or what you think you know).
Move beyond the boundaries of what you used to do.
Be ready for the ideas to appear and keep them, note them down. Let them happen by keeping your eyes and mind wide open.
Don't let your project be static or considere it finished too soon. Let it evolve.
Be yourself. That's the only way of making your work something unique. If you just try to please others then you'll get lost and your work will be soulless.
[Q] What are your projects for the upcoming year?[A] Truth is I'm not too good in planning (lol), that's the way it is.
If things go as planned in early 2015 I'll be part of a new collective exhibit in Granada (Spain).
I'd like 2015 to be the year of editing a photo book and seeing more of my work printed.

Tons of thanks to Manu Guedes and Nacho López Llandrés for inviting me to their show. I truly enjoyed sharing the time and having this opportunity to talk about photography the way I live it.

You can listen to the podcast on-line on the website of SER Madrid Norte following this link: Origami Collective: una comunidad de fotógrafos 2.0 con ganas de contar historias.
It is Spanish spoken, so if you don't know the language it'll only serve you to add a voice to my face and writing.

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